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Stylish Wood Craft Ideas

Stylish Wood Craft Ideas

Wood is one of the most common materials that we have used over the years and all this time we have learned how to take full advantage of it and how to incorporate it in different types of projects in different forms. Today there are tons of cool ideas to choose from if you are thinking of making something out of wood. Let us be your source of inspiration. Check out our favorite wood craft ideas collected over the years below.

You could craft a wooden cheese board to display your delicious appetizers in style. Give it a nice dark finish so the food contrasts. All you need for this project is a hardwood board, some sandpaper, a brush, and a food-safe paint finish of the shade you want.

Have you ever thought about making a wooden wreath? This idea sounds a bit vague, so let’s talk about specifics. This is a wooden disc wreath. It is made from round woodcuts with bark edges, glue, burlap and some decorative things like flowers and a small bird’s nest.

Wood is most commonly used to build things like furniture and frames for certain types of items. For example, you can build a chic wooden planter for your stylish flower pots. This one has a matte black finish that looks great in combination with the metallic copper accents.

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