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How To Wear Sheer Tops

How To Wear Sheer Tops

If you are trying to figure out how to wear sheer tops, you must be glad to know that you have landed in the right place. In this article we will tell you how. Sheer tops are beautiful indeed and can be worn by women of all body types and ages for almost any occasion. You just need to learn how to wear them currently. There are different ways to wear them and once you read this article we will master them all. So let’s not hesitate any longer. Let’s go ahead and check out all the many tips and tricks to flaunt some see-through tops.

What to wear under a sheer top?
Before we get into styling tips or ideas for wearing sheer tops, let’s answer the first question most of us have – what do we wear under a sheer top or a lace dress? I’m sure that bothers you too, and that’s (probably) why you avoided wearing it. It all starts with how much sheer you are willing to go. But remember, indoors you must wear decent (read: good) lingerie. Choose neutral colors like black or nude or the color of the top. If you want it to look like an outline, wear a camisole or nice looking hip length lingerie underneath. Bandeau bras and bralettes are other interesting options. So get to know your comfort zone and dress accordingly.

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