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How do you make a flower pot beautiful?

How do you make a flower pot beautiful?

It’s a sad sight. And it happens every year.

Planters and containers that were once rich in color and foliage are slowly fading and failing, becoming worn and looking tired as midsummer rolls around.

And as the temperatures rise, the pretty blooms and bulging leaves shrink and disappear.

Well, that doesn’t have to be your tale of woe this year. You can help your containers thrive with radiant health all summer long by doing just one small thing differently.
Sounds good right? It is! But first, let’s take a look at all the steps that will help your pots and containers make a peacock-worthy display throughout the season this year.
Botanical beauty for containers
Today’s nurseries and garden centers have such an amazing selection of beautiful, healthy plants that creating an attractive looking container is fairly easy. The hard part is keeping them looking their best from spring through fall.
Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you can take to create and maintain a brilliant display all summer long.

1. Choose the perfect pot
The first step to a sturdy planter is choosing the right size pot. This is determined by a few different factors.
A planter that is too small will crowd out the roots, resulting in a lack of water, oxygen and nutrients essential for healthy, vigorous growth.

Containers that are too large can result in overly soggy soil, cutting off oxygen and drowning the roots. And the cool, damp soil that is often found in planters with too much space is also a welcome base for plant troubles. Fungal growths such as powdery mildew and leaf spot are common visitors, as are damping-off and root or stem rot.

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