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Garden decor ideas with lights

Garden decor ideas with lights

Be aware of trees, walls or roofs that may shade the solar panels and reduce their performance during the day. In addition, the tilt angle of the panel of some garden solar lights, such as B. security solar or solar flood lights, can be adjusted to make the most of the sun. For example, in the United States, you should adjust the panel pitch to about 30 degrees in the summer and 45 degrees in the winter. Of course, the panels must also face south.

You may get excited after purchasing a set of solar panels and enjoy installing them. However, do not use them immediately. First, expose the lights to direct sunlight for about 5-10 cycles (charging during the day and discharging at night) to fully charge the battery. After that, you will find that the lights can last at least 8 hours in the dark, almost from dusk to dawn.

Most solar garden lights are automatically turned on and off by a light sensor that senses the ambient brightness. At night, when the light level falls below a value stored in the sensor’s memory, the light is activated. Likewise, the light will turn off automatically at dawn when it detects more light. In order for it to work properly, the sensor must be positioned correctly. When choosing a location for your solar light, make sure the device is not placed near night light sources such as porch lamps or streetlights.

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