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garden decor ideas for small backyards

garden decor ideas for small backyards

We have found different designs and solutions for small backyards and patios, from urban to suburban and everything in between.

Kathryn Prideaux works magic with small spaces in Tucson and other Arizona cities, infusing the colors of the sky, surrounding terrain and nature into her landscaping designs for deck homes and condos. She expertly melds styles and materials: she rejuvenates mid-century modern patio furniture, adds rustic materials, finds innovative uses for colorful tiles, and incorporates sculptural shapes and succulents.

Although the Skyline Springs condominium complex in Tucson has a pool, the owners of this unit wanted a private pool. Prideaux Design, with the help of Cimarron Circle Construction Company, designed a stunning blue glass mosaic pool as the centerpiece of the garden, with a ledge for pool loungers when the desert temperatures soar. Other features include a poured etched concrete patio, rusting steel panels and walls, original adobe walls and a revitalized vintage Brown Jordan patio.

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